Client Case Studies
Running (and maintaining) a business is…well…it’s hard. We know.

We’re All About Solutions

From print and video to web sites and SEO, business marketing is full of challenges. Big ones, little ones, fun ones and not-so-fun ones. When it comes to the challenge of business communications, sPA is full of answers. Our senior-level creative, production, research and digital marketing veterans deliver BIG IDEAS every day.

Below are some examples of challenges brought to us by past and present clients — and our solutions for their ultimate success.

Dentist On Call Logo

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Store Buyers demand high-end branding, packaging & web site product support.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Brand, packaging and advertising redesign brings new life to long-known products.

Port Authority NY/NJ Case Studies

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Parking numbers down due to attrition and lack of any serious marketing in years.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Refreshed branding and targeted sales messages place parking at the airport to the top of parkers’ minds.

R.C. Volunteer Firefighters

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: All-time low in Volunteer Firefighter recruitment jeopardizes safety in Rockland County, NY.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Branded campaigns highlighting relevant incentives and professional pride double annual recruitment numbers.

Yang Ming Line

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Growth from Taiwan-based family business to international competitor places new demands on shipping line’s sales and adverting.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Targeted advertising and rewritten “American-ized” sell messages increased U.S. Market share.

Aviation Software, Inc.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Airline software company perceived as too small in the aviation marketplace.

MARKETING SOLUTION: New branding, tag line and sub-branded software products revitalized market perception.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: State-funded agency needed to re-brand and re-position itself to appeal to a new generation of business clients.

MARKETING SOLUTION: HVTDC now has a highly energized public image and has picked up several new accounts it might not have been able to attract in its previous incarnation.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Regional start-up business struggles to explain their niche services to seniors and their families.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Branded website and sales literature highlighted services in easy to digest content.

Futrfab, Inc.

Start-up Technology Company’s fund-raising hindered by lack of polish and messaging.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Sophisticated branding, website and offering booklet crystallized investors’ understanding of industry potential.

Valley Health & Hyperbarics

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Pediatric practice struggles to explain and humanize their unique healthcare treatments.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Newly branded signage, website, literature and office decorations increased awareness and business.


BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Institutionalized security company judged as too small to compete on RFPs with the big firms.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Sophisticated branding, strong infographics and tradeshow exhibitry elevated market perception and increased RFP count.

NextStepDMS Software

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Motorcycle Dealers closing their doors is bad news for small Dealer Management Software company.

MARKETING SOLUTION: Strong sales messages and targeted materials addressing feature benefits and price points increased customer acquisition.

Ranni Law Firm

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Attorney practice fights negative perceptions of attorneys in market.

Refreshed branding and series of television commercials changes perception and drives client acquisition.